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Riding a bike in most U.S. cities is a difficult task because cars still rule the roads. According to Edith Pearce Philadelphia Attorneymore than 40,000 bicyclists were hit by a car and injured in 2015 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). There are a significant number of bicycle accidents, but bicycles unlike cars offer little protection on the roadways. That increases the risk of serious injuries that may have long-term effects on an individual’s life.  If you are a bicyclist that got injured in an accident that you did not cause, you should get the compensation you deserve. You will need an attorney with years of experience in personal injury litigation to assist you.

Causes of bicycle accidents

Many bicycle accidents could be avoided if drivers and bicyclists followed the rules of the road.  Some negligent drivers completely ignore bicyclists and even drive in the bike lanes. Bicycle accidents happen because of speeding, drunk drivers, reckless drivers, drivers that fail to yield and more. However, in some cases it is the people operating bikes that are at fault. In any physical interaction between a car and bicycle, it is always the bicycle that loses.

Common types of bicycle accidents

Accidents can happen easily on intersections. Intersections are full of cars, people and bicycles, which makes them hard to navigate for bicyclists. For this reason, an accident is likely to happen especially when a bicyclist is making a left-hand turn at the intersection. Another common type of accident is when a bicyclist’s bike hits a car door that has been opened suddenly without any warning.

Drivers are required to look behind them for oncoming cyclists before opening their car door. Accidents can also happen when a driver develops road rage and tries to force a bicyclist off the road for that reason.  There are also situations where drivers change lanes without checking their blind spot and end up making right turns right in front of a bicyclist. But sometimes it is the bicyclists that end up causing an accident especially when they ride their bikes while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Injuries in bicycle accidents

When a bicyclist is involved in an accident with another bicyclist, pedestrians or motorized vehicles, they can sustain a number of injuries. These injuries include road rash, fractures and in very serious accidents they can sustain traumatic brain injury.  Some of these accidents may leave a bicyclist burdened with medical bills, lost income and more. Remember that even minor injuries can lead to hospital visits and medical bills. The bicyclist may also not be able to ride their bicycles anymore. You can reduce your risk of injury by wearing a helmet.

What to do after an accident

First, get your injuries evaluated by a medical professional and then try and obtain as much information as possible. You will need information such as phone numbers, witness information, addresses, insurance information, description of the vehicle and more.  Your bike accident attorney may help with this investigation or evidence gathering exercise.

Filing a Lawsuit

You as the plaintiff must prove that the defendant was acting negligently or maliciously and that those actions proximally caused the accident.  Get an attorney who understands the gravity of your case and is dedicated in helping you recover compensation for your injuries.