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Long Term Effects of a Brain Injury

While the immediate effects of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may be obvious following an accident, recognizing the symptoms and long-term effects of a brain injury is typically more difficult in the majority of TBI cases.

When filing a personal injury claim with the insurance company, it is important to take into consideration those long-term medical and financial needs resulting from your TBI. We strive to obtain the compensation that is necessary for you to restore your quality of life to the fullest extent possible.

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How Your Lakewood Personal Injury Lawyer can Help You

Attorney assists Colorado residents and family members of those individuals who have suffered TBI resulting from various types of minor and serious accidents at her practice in Denver.

Our firm has handles cases involving TBI victims suffering from long-term effects including (but not limited to):

Impaired Brain Stem Function

  • Impaired brain stem function — Short-term memory loss, disorientation, mood swings, consciousness, etc.

Emotional And Cognitive Deficiencies

  • Emotional and cognitive deficiencies — Frustration, anger, impulsivity, decreased judgment, etc.

Language and Speech Problems

  • Language and speech problems — Slurred speech, difficulty comprehending language and written word, difficulty swallowing, etc.

Our Experience Is Your Trial Success

With more than 25 years of experience handling personal injury claims involving TBI victims, has the knowledge to help you. She has many years of experience representing insurance companies at her former Colorado defense firm, as well as TBI victims currently at her practice. With her knowledge of the insurance industry, she will assist you in gathering solid evidence with the help of medical specialists in order to create a strong case.

As a mother to a TBI victim, understands not only the physical effects brain injuries can have, but also the long-lasting and permanent emotional and psychological damage that can affect both victims of TBI and their family members.

We will assist you in determining the financial burden of your medical damages by teaming up with an economist, as well as finding resources like counselors and psychologists to help cope with cognitive effects TBI can have on victims and their families.

Law Offices invites you to contact us today regarding your TBI case. Together we can create a plan to help you and your family heal.

Our contingency fees: At Law Offices, we offer a free initial consultation to review your personal injury claim. If we take on your case, we only charge fees when we obtain compensation for you.

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